Every now and then a new something comes into our lives and sparks excitement, and sometimes creativity. Photographer Alex Joseph recently felt that spark when he stumbled across an arrangement of fabrics. The result of this ignition caught my eye and lead to tracking him down to learn more about his work.

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Photo Cred: Zakiya O

According to his website, Alex is a New York based photographer focused in portraiture, documentary, and film. His recent fixation in floral fabric created a project that starkly resembles works of Kehinde Wiley, but was inspired by New York based artist, Zakiya O, and features the beautiful Brooklyn based artist, Miisz Chin.


“There is no initial release for the project it was just something I wanted to shoot after I fell In love with fabric designs. I thought why not use them as the backdrop,” Alex tells URBN Fresh. “I saw the patterns she [Zakiya] used and decided to use it as a backdrop instead. I wanted to create something new and just experiment with my portrait work.”

Alex and Miisz Chin went to high school together and reconnected from time to time, finding a common place in art. The project came about organically, but the results were works of work. “A lot of people think you just catch magic in a bottle but it’s a lot of work. A lot of trial and error. And if you’re lucky a happy accident happens and then, all of your previous experience and talent takes over,” Alex explains. And I feel that. A lot of artists, especially rappers, try to portray this luck of the draw experience as opposed to admitting that they worked pretty fucking hard on it. Not every artist is a natural. Sometimes we have to work on our craft. And that’s okay. Keep working.


Alex highlights, “the setting a subject is in is as important to the photograph as the the subject it’s self.” I think that’s what did it for me. His gorgeous muse paired with the vibrant colors, that are now extinct in the New York winter. I was mesmerized. Maybe it’s the familiarity of Kehinde that I feel so close to also. Whatever it may be, the mixture of compositions gives me good feels. Alex wants to know what feels you get from the work. Feedback tends to create new doors for him to travel down, so tweet and comment your thoughts to catalyze some new work from this inspiring artist.

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Stay tuned with Alex on Instagram, and let us know your thoughts on his project by tweeting @URBNFresh.