If you didn’t know already, Childish Gambino is the man. Let’s take it back to the government name and really learn about Donald McKinley Glover. Not only is he a dope rhymer, but also an actor, screenwriter, and scholar. He graduated from NYU, has been in three movies, dozens of TV shows, wrote for 30 Rock, and his stage name was concocted by a Wu-Tang name generator. If that’s not enough for you, he recently released his second album, Because the Internet. As a way of promotion for the album, Gambino currently has an exhibit open at The Room at Rough Trade NYC called The Boy’s Room. The album we’ll get to another time. Today. we’re here for the art.


Gambino’s exhibit is open until January 4, 2014. Vice’s The Creator’s Project described the room as, “An immersive audio visual experience that invites us into Childish Gambino’s creative space and inspiration board – his Tumblr blog disguised as his childhood bedroom.” On December 8th, Gambino had a live performance in the exhibit space that was covered on his Tumblr page in full. The exhibit features representatives of Gambino’s life, process, loves, and thoughts. The relics are definitive to how he creates and the things that are in his everyday life.


If you’re not lucky enough to live in the great city of New York, you can view the room via the live stream below. Check out Childish Gambino’s new album, Because the Internet, and let us know what you think about it via Twitter- @URBNFresh. Remember to open your mind, not just your mouth.