Today’s Art of Miami diary with NO MAYO delves into Lulu Laboratorium‘s house of art, fashion, and lifestyle products. Lulu Laboratorium is a multifaceted complex that features high fashion gear and rotating art installations. This month’s exhibit covered work by actor and artist Adrien Brody.

Brody’s pop art concept for “Hotdogs, Hamburgers, and Handguns” is a simple yet challenging point of view that sprung up for Art Basel this year. The idea takes perceptions under a microscope and is, “a look at how violence is as commonplace as fast food in our culture,” Brody told

no mayo urbn fresh adrien brody 2

The mashup of negligence and nosh is tasty combo that makes your eyes salivate. My favorite piece was the correlation canvas that placed cigarettes in a McDonald’s container. Although we’ve all seen this before, the raw artwork appeased the public and likely suited well for Art Basel. However, the teddy bear installation seemed rushed and mimicked a botched diorama, in my opinion. But hey, everyone’s a critic.

no mayo urbn fresh adrien brody 3no mayo urbn fresh adrien brody 1

Overall, I liked the exhibit and was surprised to find the actor Adrien Brody was the man behind the magic. Visit Lulu Laboratorium for art and high fashion, and stay tuned with us this week as we explore more art in Wynwood, Miami. Keep close to the Art of Miami series via Twitter @URBNFresh and UF CREATV.

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