Our collaboration series, Art of Miami, with NO MAYO is back featuring two talented artists we met while roaming the streets of Wynwood. I was rushing back to meet my friend Mike before the daily Miami rain hit, then the universe crossed my path with Yogi (Soul Dreamin) and Mikal (SpalSpal). Mikal’s art struck me immediately and I forgot about my rush. Drawing into the work before mentioning my name, I fell for the string of screwed lines. Once I snapped back, I introduced myself and checked out the rest of the work, including Yogi’s Soul Dreamin Photography. ‘These kids have talent,’ I thought to myself.

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I got to sit down and dive into their minds a bit farther about their art and process through the lens of SpalSpal and Soul Dreamin. Music is a big inspiration for both of these artists, mixing in vintage finds and marijuana smoke signals. SpalSpal explains, “When I smoke and listen to music the energy from the artists inspires me to want make something dope too. Anime, cartoons and interviews help too.”

Their collaborative work includes Soul Dreamin’s landscapes and city nooks overlaid with SpalSpal’s beautifully tattered line formations. “Nature always interests me. It is honestly the greatest teacher, how it is always evolving and growing and sitting with mother nature, your whole outlook on life can change,” Soul Dreamin divulged. The different pockets of nature that she captures sets the tone for the characters that fall upon the page from SpalSpal’s mind. The two create magical mashups.

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SpalSpal’s artwork is what initially caught my eye on 2nd ave. My first mind saw a cross of originality with bits of Paper Frank and scribbles. His work feels like a free wrist running across a canvas with sprints and strides at different times. I love his work and can’t wait to see more, and was lucky enough to be a model for his painted leather jacket piece.Photo Dec 24, 4 07 25 PM

Photo Jan 02Photo Jan 02-3

Soul Dreamin’s work reveals transparent characters exploring new landscapes for the viewer’s interpretation. Her location scouting expeditions must lead her down wonderful rabbit holes. I love the crevices she finds and the layers of editing she adds. “My main goal with my art is to open peoples minds, I want to introduce topics that the average person isn’t exposed too in order to help expand their perspective. I also want to show people how alike we all are.”

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Photo Nov 29

Keep up with SpalSpal and Soul Dreamin for more of their work and collaborations, and visit our Art of Miami series for more down south art.

Open your mind, not just your mouth.

Kiesh x