Biscuit Street Preacher is a neo-expressionist dreamer from Las Vegas that gambles his visuals through distorted strokes and smeared calicos.  He was featured in our Favorite Artists of 2013 list, but quickly escaped the scene thereafter.


But, as of January 2, BSP is back! The reclusive artist posted a photo at the beginning of the year on Facebook, revealing his work in progress, which was later exposed on January 9. His newest work is expressed as, “Living on a mountain as opposed to years of an urban environment. I am seeing natural beautiful things incorporated into our man-made mechanical world. This is a pic of the progress on “How To Build a Kite.””


The sophisticated color mashups that overlay precise details create a holistic experience that will keep your eyes entertained. My pupils tend to dash to every inch of the canvas when experiencing Biscuit Street Preacher’s work. Hopefully there will be more work. Hopefully there will be a show in 2016. Who knows. BSP, if you’re reading this, let us know. For everyone else, I suppose we’ll just continue to patiently wait.