Your last chance to see the musical will be on July 20th.

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HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME, the new musical inspired by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur, opened on June 19 to critical acclaim at the Palace Theatre (1564 Broadway at 47th Street).  Here’s what the critics are saying:



HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is the most exciting new musical to hit Broadway in years!”

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-Sandy Kenyon, WABC-TV



HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME is a bold effort to open up Broadway to a new musical idiom, without diluting it or reducing it to a cartoon. The show hollers, and you simply have to listen.”

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-Richard Zoglin , Time Magazine



“Tupac Shakur’s spirit rises on Broadway’s HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME.  We’re introduced to John, a central character played with no-nonsense grit by the poet/performer Saul Williams, in prison, as members of his community appear to cheerfully mingle on the outside. But as John returns to them and tries to turn his life around, we learn how the others have been shattered by a seemingly never-ending cycle of violence, fueled by frustration and loss.  Under Kenny Leon’s vigorous, sensitive direction, the principal actors — among them a coolly charismatic Christopher Jackson and a typically warm, fierceTonya Pinkins — are convincing and sympathetic, and Waters and choreographer Wayne Cilento mine the robust grooves and soulful nuances in Shakur’s material in exhilarating production numbers.”

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-Elysa Gardner, USA Today



“There isn’t a single rapper more suited for the concept than Tupac Shakur, the most emotionally rich, psychologically complex, lyrically candid figure hip-hop has seen its 40-year history. Watching this crew of gifted performers rap, sing and speak his words draws new focus to his cinematic eye.  Agitprop rapper Saul Williams, in the lead role of John, raps with the authority that 19 years of hip-hop and poetry experience can bring and Tonya Pinkins sings with the gusto of a Tony winner.”

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-Christopher R. Weingarten, Rolling Stone



“Rap on Broadway? Purists, relax — HOLLER IF HA HEAR ME, the Tupac Shakur musical that opened Thursday night, is endearingly traditional. Yes, there’s gangsta anger and lots of profanity, but it’s packaged in skillful, old-school showbiz. No wonder, since an old hand, Tony winner Kenny Leon (“Fences,” “A Raisin in the Sun”), is at the helm.”

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-Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post



“When the first musical number began, I truly wasn’t ready.  Similar to the way emotion suddenly overcame me when I sat watching my only sister who had nearly died early in my childhood, get married to the man she loved; a wave of feeling suddenly splashed across my entire being.  As I sat and watched different characters alternate saying the lyrics to the song ‘My Block’- a song which innocuously first appeared on a 1995 soundtrack for the film The Show, and then was later re-worked into and much more widely known, guitar driven track for Shakur’s posthumous album ‘Better Dayz’ in 2002 – I maintained those indescribable goosebumps you get only when something is REALLY good, for over a minute straight.  This wouldn’t be the last time I felt this way either….If you’re any kind of 2pac fan, seeing HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME needs to be at the very top of your to do list.”

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-Spencer Stein, The