Last night I got to experience the epitome of female power, self love, and all things wonderful in the world: Erykah Badu. She performed at Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn to a sold out crowd of 3,000 people. Her set began with tunes from the new mixtape, You Cain’t Use My Phone, which excited my little soul in hopes for an Andre 3000 appearance. He didn’t come, but Ms. Badu did allude to the who the mysterious rapper is on the new project.

Many people suspected that Drake was the featured artist, but Badu squashed all allegation via Twitter, which spurred more questioning.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.36.26 PM

Then comes last night. Badu performed “Medley: What’s Yo Phone Number,” which struck my body with anxiety and excitement. Someone was coming out. I just knew the secret artist was going to grace the stage and reveal himself. Instead, Badu began the rap verse softly singing, “Seven… Seven.. Seven.. Seven93. Seven. 93.” I chanted with praise to her freestyle reveal. Many people around me didn’t quite catch on. I don’t think they listened to her new project, but I was geeked.

And it all makes sense. The voice sounds consistent with Andre 3000’s, and Seven is a huge Drake fan, so having a similar flow is understandable. But can we talk about this 17 year olds’ lyrics doe? Homie has skills, which isn’t surprising considering he is made of pure hip hop gold, airing from two of the greatest to ever do it. Erykah says Seven is a bit of a computer nerd, but baybay spits fire. Put him on more tracks! If you haven’t bought You Cain’t Use My Phone, get it here and support real artistry.