Black History in NYC: Brooklyn

This weekend's stop is right in my hometown. There is no doubt in my biased mind that Brooklyn, New York has set itself as the center of art and culture in New ...
Saira Hunjan '…Female artists are definately more sought-after.'

Don’t Date A Girl Who’s An Artist

She's the one with paint from the night before still on her hands. And her shirt. She's the one who never leaves the house without a notebook. But not just any notebook- The notebook.

King avriel’s Visual for Freedom

King avriel has a message and she is using the music industry as her soap box to relay it. If you don't know by now, avriel is an educated woman that doesn't le...

FRESH Feature: Chrystal Seawood

Chrystal Seawood is a colorful, young artist hailing from The South - the rural town of Forrest City, Arkansas to be exact. Seawood studied digital art and desi...
uf fav artists

Favorite Artists of 2013

  2013 experienced an art explosion across all platforms and forums from new and old creatives. Brands tapped into the secret worlds of artists and exploi...
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R&B Brooklyn Boatride

R&B BROOKLYN BOATRIDE SATURDAY AUGUST 10TH, 2013 BO The post R&B Brooklyn Boatride appeared first on URBNFresh....