Hello world, I’d like to introduce you to Olivia Noelle.Olivia_N-22Olivia is a passionate Brooklyn-based singer that premiered her debut single “Faking It” last week, and I’ve had it on repeat since. This catchy songstress has powerful vocals, beautiful melodies, and resonant lyrics that you can’t help but hum. I’ve been feigning for this song nearly as much as Bieber’s “Purpose” (you know you’ve been listening err’yday too).

On the surface, “Faking It” is a song about a woman taking her power back after a lost love by revealing she faked it during sex, but underneath, a larger story is told. “…the real message here is about accommodation. Why do most women fake it? To accommodate a person who couldn’t really please them. We stick ourselves in all of these situations where we are almost forced to be accommodating yet live in a society that isn’t ever accommodating to us,” Noelle told URBNFresh.

And it’s real. A lot of us yuck it up in corporate settings or smile and nod at grandma’s racists comments; faking it all the while. Noelle goes on to say, “…my hope is that after a few listens people feel free to stop squeezing themselves into boxes, men and women alike.”

Take a listen to the instant hit “Faking It” below and check out her performance from YouTube Space’s Music Monday where Noelle closed out the show. Looking forward to more music from this powerful pretender.