Introducing #URBNSpark
a photowalk hosted by and DaySpark Events

Roosevelt Island
Saturday November 12th

Muses welcome

The Creative Wall.
Prepare for it.
Know that it’s coming.

Every creative fights the internal resistance in their heads.

The doubt.
The anxiety of not being good enough.

Sometimes the inspiration flows into our hearts with the ferocity of an Amazonian waterfall while other times, inspiration slows to a trickle and we’re left thirsting for creative urgency.

Deep down we know that to achieve true creative happiness, we must push through the times when we don’t want to create.

Photography, in many ways, is a solo endeavor. We’re cycling through many more misses than hits – thousands of tiny failures found in nearly perfect photos that we can’t use.
Put simply, photography is hard
It’s good to link up with like minded individuals to learn from and shoot with.