Sekani is a Fort Lauderdale-based rapper, premiering onto the sunny scene with his first song, “Tryna Ball (2K).” The hype beat, produced by Fee Sosa, sets the vibe for the song and got my shoulders bouncing. I got the chance to have a talk with Sekani about his new song and the inspiration behind his grind.

(PARENTAL)Tryna Ball Cover Art

UF: What inspired you to make the music you make?

S: Genuine honesty and life experience. Music isn’t the same anymore. I grew up in an era where I decided to have Tupac Shakir, Bob Marley, and Nas be my musical leaders, therefore I received the true aspect of artistry. Giving every ounce of who you are as a person, along with the personality of your musical style, combining to give the listeners authenticity they could feel. Knowing that my name is how I will be judged when it’s all said and done, authenticity means a lot to me.

UF: What impact do you want your listeners to have when they hear it?

S: The impact that I want to have on my listeners is something i five daily thought. I think about that before writing lyrics, while recording, and after each session is completed. I want listeners to feel that I’m just like them in the aspects of paint, love, and the hunger for growth and success. I want my listeners to realize that just because I am trying to build a platform where I can speak to the world, it doesn’t make me feel any better than them. I am a man/artist who is conscious of talent being God-given, and fame being man-given, so I try to not blur the two lines.

Take a listen to Sekani’s new song below, “Tryna Ball (2K).”

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