Our M.O. is to facilitate and promote a fly, creative lifestyle. The main drivers of cultural growth are the thought leaders and risk takers in Music, Art Fashion and more. Events are where these things collide.

We take fun seriously. The brand is what it wants to be, we share music/fashion because we like it, not necessarily because everyone else does. Everyone has an opinion and we appreciate the discussion and discovery of new music, fashion and art

We’re not interested in beef or gossip – we’re trying to bring people together via creativity and expression.

– Mark

Author Profile

Mark Clennon, a talented entrepreneur and Florida native, founded URBN FRESH upon relocating to New York City and discovering a lack of community within the creative scene. With a deep passion for music, art, and the creative process, Mark was motivated to create a space where like-minded individuals could come together and express themselves through these mediums.

URBN FRESH is the result of Mark's drive to cultivate a community where individuals can turn up and let loose in a safe and inclusive environment. By providing a platform for artists and musicians to showcase their talents, Mark has successfully established a unique space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth.

Mark's commitment to creating a vibrant community that celebrates art, music, and the creative process is truly admirable. He has successfully created a space where individuals can connect, collaborate, and thrive together. URBN FRESH is a testament to Mark's entrepreneurial spirit, and his dedication to building a community that celebrates individuality, diversity, and creativity.
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