How Many Songs Are In Smash Ultimate?

There are over 800 songs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

How Many Songs Are In Smash Ultimate?

Smash Ultimate is the latest installment in the Smash Bros. series and boasts one of the most diverse and comprehensive collections of characters and music. It has been estimated that there are over 900 tracks in total, making it one of the most music-rich Super Smash Bros. games ever made. The songs range from classic 8-bit tunes to original orchestral pieces, as well as songs from other Nintendo games like Mario Kart and Splatoon. The sheer variety gives players plenty of options to listen to while they battle or train their skills in Smash Ultimate. Best of all, each song is unique and can add a unique flair to whatever soundtrack you choose to listen to while playing this iconic fighting game!

Character Songs

Smash Ultimate features a wide range of character songs, both solo and group songs. Solo character songs are unique to each character in the game, and provide a unique soundtrack for each fighter. Group songs are also included, featuring teams of characters from the same series singing together.

Stadium and Menu Music

The main menu theme song for Smash Ultimate is an upbeat, energetic track that sets the mood for the entire game. Stadium tracks can be heard during battle, providing a background for all the action taking place onscreen. These tracks vary depending on which stage is being played on.

Music Compilation Discs

The music compilation discs included with Smash Ultimate feature music from both past and present games in the series. Disc one features tracks from Melee, Brawl and Smash 4, while disc two contains tracks from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. These discs can be played in-game or through any compatible media player.

DLC Music Packs

Smash Ultimate contains several downloadable content (DLC) packs that add new music to the game. The Challenger Pack 1-5 DLCs include new characters as well as their own unique theme songs and remixes of existing Smash tunes. The Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC also adds new characters and their accompanying theme songs.

Character Themes for 8 Player Smash Mode

In 8 Player Smash mode, each character has their own unique theme song that plays when they enter the arena. There are also remixes of these themes available for when there are more than four players in a match. Theme songs for popular characters such as Mario, Link, Fox and others can all be heard in 8 Player mode, adding an extra layer of excitement to the action!

Game Original Tracks

Smash Ultimate has a wide selection of original tracks that make up the game’s soundtrack. These original tracks include main battle tracks in classic and adventure mode, as well as classic mode credits and ending themes tracks. Additionally, there are multi language versions of these original tracks, dubbed versions in multiple languages, instrumental versions of the game’s original songs, and even additional remixes of existing songs.

Main Battle Tracks in Classic & Adventure Mode

The main battle tracks for both classic and adventure modes are some of the most iconic music from the Smash series. These tracks often feature remixed versions of classic characters themes from previous games. In addition to these remixes, there are also completely new compositions for some characters, such as the track Rising Up for Captain Falcon in Smash Ultimate.

Classic Mode Credits & Ending Themes Track

In addition to main battle tracks, Smash Ultimate also features a unique set of credits and ending themes track. This track is played when you complete the classic mode single-player mode with any character. The song is an upbeat mix of some of the most iconic songs from throughout the series and serves as a fitting end to your time in classic mode.

Multi Language Versions Of Original Tracks

Smash Ultimate also has multi language versions of its original tracks which allow players to listen to their favorite songs in different languages. For example, some regional editions will feature Japanese or Spanish language versions of existing songs from the games soundtrack. This adds another layer to how players can experience the music from Smash Ultimate on different platforms around the world.

Dubbed Versions In Multiple Languages Of Original Tracks

In addition to multi language versions, Smash ultimate also features dubbed versions in multiple languages for its original tracks. These dubbed versions are available for all regions and feature unique voice actors for each language version bringing more life into these already iconic pieces of music from the series.

Instrumental Versions Of Games Original Songs

For more serious listeners who prefer to listen without vocal accompaniments, there are instrumental versions available for many original songs featured in Smash Ultimate as well. These instrumental versions strip away vocals while still preserving all other elements like melody and harmony allowing you to focus on each songs core elements with ease no matter what language you listen in or prefer listening styles with no vocals at all.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How many solo character songs are in Smash Ultimate?
A: There are 74 solo character songs in Smash Ultimate.

Q: How many group songs are in Smash Ultimate?
A: There are 8 group songs in Smash Ultimate.

Q: How many stadium and menu music tracks are in Smash Ultimate?
A: There is one main menu theme song, and 17 different stadium tracks in Smash Ultimate.

Q: How many music compilation discs are included with the game?
A: Smash Ultimate includes two music compilation discs, Disc One and Disc Two.

Q: How many DLC music packs are available for the game?
A: There are 5 Challenger Pack DLC Tracks and 11 Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC Tracks available for Smash Ultimate.

Based on the research, there are a total of 891 songs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, making it the game with the most music of any title in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. This includes both classic tracks and newly composed pieces, giving players a huge variety of music to listen to while playing the game.

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