How To Beat 11-20 Cookie Run Kingdom?

Complete levels 11-20 with three stars to rank up and upgrade your Special Treasures; use the best Cookie and Pet combinations; and take advantage of the Challenge Levels to gain more EXP.

How To Beat 11-20 Cookie Run Kingdom?

How To Beat 11-20 Cookie Run Kingdom?

Are you stuck on level 11-20 in the popular mobile game, Cookie Run Kingdom? Look no further heres a comprehensive guide to completing all levels of this delectable adventure! Whether youre a new player or an experienced veteran, our tips will give you the edge you need to make it through even the toughest challenges. With careful planning, skillful precision, and plenty of treats, youll be ready to take on any obstacle the game sets before you. So grab your Cookies and lets get started!


Before you start playing Cookie Run Kingdom, it is important to make sure that you have done some research on the game and have all the necessary materials needed to beat 11-20 levels. To beat these levels, you need to understand the different strategies and tips which will help you progress in the game. This includes understanding how to farm cookies, map combination strategies, as well as how to manage your motions and take cautious steps.

Strategies To Unlock Characters Easily

In Cookie Run Kingdom, unlocking characters can be difficult. However, there are a few strategies which can make it easier. The first is to complete challenges which will award players with a new character once they have been completed. Players can also use scrolls and emeralds when attempting to unlock characters as this will give them a better chance of success.

Tips and Tricks

When playing Cookie Run Kingdom, there are several tips and tricks that players should keep in mind. One of the most important is to always look out for enemies and traps when travelling through levels. These can easily hinder your progress if they are not dealt with quickly. Additionally, when facing off against boss mages it is important to remember that these bosses have different weaknesses which must be exploited in order for them to be defeated quickly.

Battle Against Specific Enemies In Boss Fights

When battling against specific enemies in boss fights within Cookie Run Kingdom, it is important to know their weaknesses in order to defeat them quickly. For example, Captain BlackBeard’s Angler Fish can be defeated by using quick motions and dodging its attacks effectively while Minister Batdorian’s Big Turtle can be taken down by using strategic combos of special skills as well as constant attacks from long range weapons such as bows or crossbows.

Upgrade Units And Pets

Cookie Run Kingdom is an exciting and challenging game that requires players to upgrade their units and pets in order to beat levels 11-20. Upgrading units and pets is an essential part of the game and requires thoughtful strategy in order to succeed.

The first step in upgrading units and pets is to level up their skillsets. Each unit and pet has different levels of skillsets, ranging from basic proficiency all the way up to expert level. Players can increase the level of each unit or pet’s skill set by increasing their experience points. This can be done by completing missions or by using special items such as cookies or coins.

Once a unit or pet has reached the desired level of proficiency, players can then begin to upgrade their abilities. The process of upgrading abilities varies from unit to unit, but generally involves increasing hit points, attack power, and defense stats. Some abilities may also require players to purchase specific items from the store in order to upgrade them further.

Complete Missions

In addition to upgrading units and pets, players must also complete missions in order to progress through levels 11-20 of Cookie Run Kingdom. Missions can range from simple tasks such as collecting a certain number of coins or defeating a certain number of enemies, all the way up to difficult missions such as rescuing a princess or finding hidden treasures.
Players should take care when selecting missions as some are more difficult than others and may require more upgrades or special items in order to complete them successfully. Additionally, some missions involve time limits so it is important that players plan ahead when attempting them so they do not run out of time before they can finish the mission.

Upgrading units and pets, as well as completing missions are essential elements for achieving success in Cookie Run Kingdom levels 11-20. With careful planning and thoughtful strategy, players will be able to progress through these levels with ease and make it all the way through this exciting game!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the prerequisites to beat 11-20 levels in Cookie Run Kingdom?
A: The prerequisites for beating 11-20 levels in Cookie Run Kingdom include researching strategies, gathering materials, and understanding motion and cautious steps.

Q: What strategies can I use to beat the levels?
A: The strategies you can use to beat the levels include farming cookies, combining maps, and taking motions and cautious steps. Additionally, you can unlock characters easily by completing challenges or using scrolls and emeralds.

Q: What tips and tricks can I employ while playing Cookie Run Kingdom?
A: While playing Cookie Run Kingdom, make sure to look out for enemies and traps, beat boss mages quickly, upgrade units skillsets, and upgrade pets to complete missions.

Q: How do I battle against specific enemies in boss fights?
A: When battling against specific enemies in boss fights such as Captain BlackBeard Angler Fish or Minister Batdorian Big Turtle, it is important to use strategic moves and combine your units’ skillsets for maximum effectiveness.

Q: How can I upgrade my units and pets?
A: You can upgrade your units by levelling up their skillsets through battles or by upgrading your pets with items gained from missions.

In conclusion, beating 11-20 Cookie Run Kingdom requires a lot of skill and practice. Utilizing the right combination of upgrades and power-ups can help you get past this challenging level. You should also focus on timing your jumps correctly and perfecting your technique to increase your chances of success. With enough effort and dedication, you will be able to beat 11-20 Cookie Run Kingdom!

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