How To Counter Genji Ow2?

For countering Genji OW2, aim for headshots and stay out of his reach.

How To Counter Genji Ow2?

Countering Genji in Overwatch 2 is a tricky task, but one that can be tackled with the right approach. In general, the key elements to success against Genji involve mounting an offense fueled by knowledge of his strengths and weaknesses, having great aim, and adapting quickly to any changes he makes in team fights. To begin, information and practice are key for understanding how Genji works. Study his moveset, including his unique abilities such as Swift Strike and Dragonblade. Knowing exactly what each ability does helps in predicting his behavior.

Once youve figured out Genjis style of play, its time to put it into practice during engagements. Since most of his abilities are based on close combat, its helpful to stay at medium or long range when possible. Pharah is a great hero choice for this; her Rocket Barrage ability keeps Genji at bay and her ultimate ability allows her to rain destruction down on him from afar. If you prefer fighting up close then Zarya is ideal; her Graviton Surge allows you to trap Genji in place while your teammates finish him off.

Its important to note that mastering your skills against Genji also requires good map awareness and quick reactions when it comes to flipping your team composition around if needed – something important at all times regardless of who you’re facing, but especially so when countering the fast-moving cyborg ninja!


Positioning and Awareness Advice For Facing Genji OW2

Genji is a troublesome opponent in Overwatch 2, as his mobility and speed can be overwhelming for players who are not used to dealing with characters like him. As such, it is important for players to understand how to properly position themselves and keep their awareness high when facing Genji.

Positioning Advice For Dealing With Genj’s Dash Ability: The most important thing for players to remember is that Genji’s dash ability allows him to quickly traverse the map and get into position faster than most other heroes. As such, it is important for players to be aware of where he is at all times and make sure they are not caught in an unfavorable position. If possible, try to stay behind walls or other obstacles that can provide a bit of protection from his dash ability so that you can avoid getting hit by it.

Awareness Advice For Countering his Ultimate: When Genji activates his ultimate ability, he will become extremely fast and agile and be able to quickly traverse the entire map in just a few seconds. Therefore, it is important for players to always keep their awareness up when facing a Genji player so they can anticipate when he will use his ultimate and react accordingly. Try to always stay near your team so that they can help you defend against any unexpected attacks from the enemy team.

Strategies To Prioritise When Facing A Genji OW2 Player

When facing a Genji player, it is important for players to understand what strategies they should prioritize when engaging them. The most important thing for players to remember is that defense should always take priority over offense when dealing with a Genji player as he has the potential to quickly overwhelm an unprepared team if left unchecked.

Prioritising Defense Upon Sight Of Ultimate: Once a Genji player has activated their ultimate ability, it is essential that players prioritize defense over offense as this will give them the best chance of surviving any unexpected attacks from the enemy team. Players should focus on staying near their team and fortifying defensive positions while also keeping an eye out for any potential flanks or surprise attacks from the enemy team.

Strategies To Delegate Against a Group of Enemies With a Genji OW2 Player

When dealing with groups of enemies that include a Genji player, it is important for teams to delegate specific strategies depending on whether they are playing offensively or defensively. Its also important for teams to know how best to use their heroes abilities in order to counter or contain any potential threats posed by the enemy teamsGenjiplayer.

Delegating Offensive Strategies For A Group Fight involving a Genji Player: When playing offensively against groups of enemies includingaGenjiplayer,itsimportantforteamstodelegateoffensivestrategiesthatwillallowthemtoquicklyoverwhelmandeliminateanypotentialthreatsposedbytheenemyteamsGenjiplayerwhilealsoprovidingprotectionforanyalliesthatmighthavebeencaughtoutsidetheirdefensesduringtheengagement.Thiscanbedonebyusingheroeswithlong-rangedattacksaswellasheroescapableofshieldingsupportfortheirmatesinordertokeepanyalliesthatarecaughtoutsidetheirdefensessafefromtheenemyteamsattacksandgivethemtimepreparethedefenseneededtorepeltheattackersthemselvesifneeded.

Delegating Defensive Strategies For A Group Fight involving a Genji Player’: On the other hand, when playing defensively against groups of enemies includingaGenjiplayeritsimportantforteamstodelegatedefensivestrategiesthatwillallowthemtoquicklycontainandeliminatethethreatposedbytheenemyteamsGenjiplayerwithoutputtingtoomuchpressureontheiralliesintheprocess.Thiscanbedonebyusingheroeswithhighmobilityandlong-rangedattacksaswellasheroescapableoflayingdownsuppressionfireandprovidingcoverfortheirentireteamwhilealsopositioningthemselvestoseparatetheenemyteamfromtheiralliesifneededtobuytimeforotherplayersontheteamtocounterattackorprepareformorestrongerendgameplayifnecessary

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the Counter Heroes for Genji OW2?
A: When countering Genji OW2, some of the best heroes to use are offensive heroes like Tracer, Doomfist, and Sombra as they can easily outmaneuver and outplay Genji. Defensive heroes like Reinhardt, Orisa, and Brigitte are also great counters to Genji due to their shields and crowd control abilities.

Q: What Abilities Should I Avoid or Use Against Genji OW2?
A: Null Sector abilities should be avoided when dealing with a Genji player as they can be easily evaded or blocked by his Dash ability. Offensive and defensive abilities like Meis Ice Wall, Zaryas Particle Barrier, and D.Vas Defense Matrix can be used to counter his ultimate or avoid damage from his melee attacks.

Q: What Strategies Can I Use To Counter A Genji OW2 Player?
A: Damage-based ultimates such as Reapers Death Blossom and Junkrats RIP-Tire are great against a Genji player since they can deal heavy damage over an area, while disable-based ultimates such as Meis Blizzard or McCree’s Deadeye will prevent him from using his dash ability or ultimate. Positioning correctly is also important when facing a Genji player as you need to anticipate his dash direction in order to avoid taking damage from it.

Q: What Maps Are Best For Countering a Genji OW2 Player?
A: Assault maps such as Volskaya Industries and Hollywood are great for countering a Genji since they have open areas with limited cover which makes it difficult for him to hide or evade your attacks. Escort maps such as Dorado and Route 66 also provide good opportunities for countering a Genji due to their long pathways which make it easier for you to anticipate his movements.

Q: What Team Composition Tips Should I Consider When Going Up Against A Genji OW2 Player?
A: High-damage heroes such as Reaper, Soldier 76, Pharah, Symmetra are best suited for countering a Genji since they have the power to quickly eliminate him before he can use his dash ability or ultimate. Healer heroes like Mercy, Zenyatta, Ana also provide great support by keeping your team alive during fights against a Genjii player.

The best way to counter Genji OW2 is to use heroes that have good ranged abilities and can out-maneuver him. Heroes like Tracer, Widowmaker, and Symmetra are all good choices because they can keep their distance from Genji and attack him from afar. It’s also important to try and anticipate where he will be heading next so you can stay one step ahead of him. With the right strategy, you can easily take down Genji OW2.

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