How To Get A Zora Spear?

To get a Zora Spear, you need to defeat the Lizalfos mini-boss inside the East Labyrinth in Hyrule Castle.

How To Get A Zora Spear?

Getting your hands on a Zora spear is simpler than you might think. It all starts by heading off to the far western corner of Hyrule Field and arriving in Lanayru Great Spring. Once inside, defeat the molduga enemy and then climb up the nearby ladder, leading to a cave filled with guardians. Take them out as quickly and efficiently as possible, then plunder the chest you find inside for a Zora spear! With this weapon at hand, you will have a powerful new way to defeat your enemies and advance through the game.

Where To Get Zora Spear?

The Zora Spear is a powerful weapon that can be used to take down your enemies in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a very useful weapon as it has a long reach and is surprisingly fast when thrown. As such, many players seek to obtain one for themselves. Luckily, there are two ways to get your hands on this powerful weapon.

The first way to get a Zora Spear is through Game Passes. With these passes, you can reach level 20 and talk to the Diving Instructor near the Great Plateau Tower who will give you the quest The Rumble in the River which will reward you with a Zora Spear upon completion.

The second way of obtaining a Zora Spear is through In-Game Shops. You can buy one from Kasss shop in Rito Village or Miphas Quarters in Zoras Domain both found in Hyrule Field.

Zora Spear Crafting Requirements

In order to craft a Zora Spear, players must first complete The Rumble in the River quest which rewards you with the recipe for crafting your own spear. Additionally, players must collect two Sapphires and three Star Fragments which are required for crafting it.

Finding Star Fragments For Crafting A Zora Spear

Star Fragments are necessary components for crafting a Zora Spear and can be found throughout Hyrule Field and its surrounding areas. Here are some locations where you may find them:

  • In ponds near Kakariko Village
  • Near Dueling Peaks Stable
  • Near Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • In Lanayru Wetland
  • In West Necluda Region
  • In East Necluda Region
  • Additionally, Bright Pebblits may also randomly drop Star Fragments when they are destroyed.

    With all of this information at hand, you should now have everything you need to know about getting and crafting your own Zora Spear! Good luck on your journey!

    How To Get A Zora Spear?

    The Zora Spear is a powerful weapon that can be obtained in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In order to obtain it, there are certain requirements that must be met. The main requirement is that the player must reach level 30 and complete The Champions Ballad quest. Additionally, 100 Zora Sap must also be collected for the spear to become available.

    Zora Spear Upgrade Requirements

    In order to upgrade the Zora Spear, players must first reach level 30 and complete The Champions Ballad quest. This quest requires exploring Hyrule Field, completing various objectives and defeating enemies. After reaching level 30, players will need to collect 100 Zora Sap before they can upgrade their weapon. This sap can be found by cutting down trees in certain areas in Hyrule Field, such as the Necluda Sea or Lanayru Wetlands.

    How to Defeat Water Enemies with a Zora Spear?

    When fighting against water enemies with a Zora Spear, it is important to use a charge attack on them from far away. This will allow players to stay out of range of the enemys attacks while doing maximum damage with their own. Additionally, using a spin attack can help stun enemies and make them vulnerable for an instant attack when they are airborne or stunned.

    Using the Zora Spear Effectively Against Other Enemies

    The Zora Spear has many uses against other types of enemies as well. Jumping high before attacking gives the player an edge against flying enemies or those on higher ground. Additionally, an instant slash attack can be used when an enemy is airborne or stunned for maximum damage output.

    Finishing Moves with a Zora Spear

    When looking for a way to finish off an enemy quickly and effectively, using a finishing move with a Zora Spear is ideal. Jumping high before attacking allows for an aerial assault as well as increased range when attacking from above ground level enemies while doing an instant slash attack when airborne will do massive amounts of damage quickly and efficiently. With these finishing moves in mind, players should have no problem dispatching their foes with ease when wielding this powerful weapon!

    FAQ & Answers

    Q: Where can I get a Zora Spear?
    A: You can get a Zora Spear through Game Passes or In-Game Shops. If you reach Level 20, you can talk to the Diving Instructor to get it from Game Passes. You can also buy it at Kasss Shop or Miphas Quarters from In-Game Shops.

    Q: What are the crafting requirements for a Zora Spear?
    A: To craft a Zora Spear, you need to complete The Rumble in the River Quest and collect two Sapphires and three Star Fragments.

    Q: Where can I find Star Fragments for crafting a Zora Spear?
    A: You can search in ponds near Kakariko Village, near Dueling Peaks Stable, near Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, in Lanayru Wetland, in West Necluda Region, and in East Necluda Region for Bright Pebblits which contain Star Fragments.

    Q: What are the upgrade requirements for a Zora Spear?
    A: To upgrade your Zora Spear, you need to reach Level 30 and complete The Champion’s Ballad Quest. You also need to collect 100 Zora Sap.

    Q: How do I use the Zora Spear effectively against water enemies and other enemies?
    A: To defeat water enemies with your Zora Spear, use ‘Charge Attack’ on them and stay far away from them. To use the spear effectively against other enemies, stun them by using ‘Spin Attack’ or do an Instant Attack when they are stunned or airborne. For finishing moves with your spear, jump high before attacking and do an Instant Slash Attack when airborne.

    In conclusion, obtaining a Zora Spear is a challenging but rewarding task. It requires patience, dedication, and often luck. However, with the right approach and knowledge of the game’s mechanics, obtaining a Zora Spear can be an enjoyable experience and a great addition to any player’s inventory.

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