How To Get Archmage Hellmut?

To become the Archmage Hellmut, you will need to complete the quest line assigned by him in the Mage Tower.

How To Get Archmage Hellmut?

Archmage Hellmut is a powerful creature you can find in the popular video game Pathfinder: Kingmaker. To unlock him, you need to complete the Refugee Missions quest. After completing the quest, you may then summon Archmage Hellmut from a pile of magical ashes at the entrance of his tomb. You can also obtain some rare artifacts from a chest near the entrance, that will allow you to obtain even more powerful rituals once he is summoned. To succeed in getting Archmage Hellmut, you need to be ready for a challenging battle that will test your strategies and tactics in unlocking him. With careful planning and perseverance, however, it is possible to defeat him and gain access to powerful rewards and accomplishments!

How To Get Archmage Hellmut? Overview

Getting Archmage Hellmut is no small feat, as it requires a lot of effort and dedication. The rewards however, are worth the effort. It is an incredibly powerful mage that will join your team and make your party much more powerful. Here well outline all the steps needed to obtain this amazing character.


Archmage Hellmut can be found in the Kingdom of Albion. This kingdom is located in the north-eastern corner of Albion, which is the largest continent in the world. It is a large kingdom, with many different towns and villages scattered throughout its borders.

Benefits Of Getting Archmage Hellmut

Getting Archmage Hellmut has many benefits that can help any party. Some of these include:

  • Bonuses: Archmage Hellmut grants bonuses to all of your party members when they are in his presence.
  • Enhancements: Archmage Hellmut also enhances some abilities of your party members, allowing them to cast spells more efficiently and effectively.

Strategies For Acquiring Archmage Hellmut

There are two main strategies for getting Archmage Hellmut: crafting and grinding. Crafting requires you to collect materials from various locations across Albion and then use them to create items that will aid you in your quest for getting this powerful mage. Grinding involves going through dungeons and killing monsters until the required level or item drop is obtained. Both strategies require a lot of time, effort and money but will eventually get you what you need.

Challenges Of Getting Archmage Hellmut

Despite its power, getting Archmage Hellmut does come with some challenges as well. These include:

  • Costly Material Requirements: Crafting items to get this character often requires expensive materials.
  • Irritating Grinding Processes: Grinding through dungeons can be tedious and time-consuming.


Quest Requirements To Obtain Archmage Hellmut

There are several pre-requisites that must be met before you will be able to begin the quest line for obtaining this character. These include reaching a certain level in the game, interacting with specific NPCs throughout the world, completing certain tasks or quests, etc., all of which must be completed before you can start on your journey for getting this powerful mage for your team!

How To Get Archmage Hellmut?

Getting Archmage Hellmut can be quite a challenging task, but it’s well worth the effort. This powerful entity is one of the most powerful magical creatures that you can recruit and it can be a great asset to any team. In this guide, we’ll look at the rewards upon completion of the quest for getting Archmage Hellmut, the crafting requirements needed to create him, strategies on maximizing his potential and securing your success after recruiting him.

Rewards Upon Completion Of Quest For Getting Archmage Hellmut

When you complete the quest for getting Archmage Hellmut, there are several rewards that will be offered to you. These include items and materials that you need in order to craft him, as well as XP and skill boosts that will help you get through battles more easily. You will also find yourself with a powerful ally who can help you in battle against other creatures or players.

Crafting Requirements To Create Archmage Hellmut

In order to craft Archmage Hellmut, there are certain materials and ingredients that must be combined in order to make him appear. These include special materials such as magical stones, herbs, and other ingredients found around the world. Additionally, there are certain effects that occur when these ingredients are combined together in specific ways – such as increased power or special abilities – which can help make your efforts even more effective when it comes to fighting enemies.

Strategies On Maximizing Potential Of Recruiting Archmage hellmut

When it comes to recruiting Archmage hellmut successfully, it is important to invest in battle tactics and strategies that will maximize his potential in battle. This includes enhancing your skills required for winning battles against him more effectively than if you were just relying on brute force alone. Additionally, acquiring battle enhancing artifacts and equipment can also be a great help when it comes to taking down this powerful creature.

Securing Successfully After Recruiting archmagi hellmut

After successfully recruiting archmagi hellmut, it is important to ensure his loyalty towards your team by maintaining good relations with other players involved in the process of getting him. Additionally, developing meaningful relationships with archmagi hellmut himself can also prove beneficial by helping secure his loyalty towards your team even further – something which is essential if you want him to stay with you long-term rather than leaving after a short period of time.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Archmage Hellmut?
A: Archmage Hellmut is a powerful wizard in the game of Elder Scrolls Online. He is a powerful ally who can help strengthen your character and offer unique bonuses and enhancements when recruited.

Q: Where can I find Archmage Hellmut?
A: Archmage Hellmut can be found in the city of Mournhold in the region of Deshaan, located in the eastern part of Tamriel. His exact location can be discovered through interacting with NPCs or by speaking to other players who already have access to him.

Q: What are the benefits of getting Archmage Hellmut?
A: The benefits of getting Archmage Hellmut include bonuses such as increased magical power, enhanced spellcasting ability, additional health regeneration, and improved damage resistance. Additionally, recruiting him will give you access to powerful artifacts and equipment that will make it easier to win battles against opponents.

Q: What are the challenges of getting Archmage Hellmut?
A: The main challenge associated with acquiring Archmage Hellmut is obtaining the materials required for crafting him. These materials can be expensive and difficult to obtain, making it more difficult for some players to get their hands on him. Additionally, grinding for these resources can be tedious and time consuming.

Q: Are there any rewards upon completion of the quest for getting Archmage Hellmut?
A: Yes! Once you have successfully completed the quest for getting Archmage Hellmut, you will receive items such as special artifacts or materials as well as XP and skill boosts that will help improve your character’s overall performance.

In conclusion, to get Archmage Hellmut you will need to complete the quest chain of ‘The Mage Who Knew Too Much’ in the Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This quest chain requires you to complete various tasks such as helping Acolytes, finding artifacts, and defeating powerful enemies. Once all of these tasks are completed, you will be rewarded with Archmage Hellmut.

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