How To Get Crystals In Project Sekai?

Crystal fragments can be found by completing quests, destroying objects, opening treasure chests, and trading with NPCs.

How To Get Crystals In Project Sekai?

Project Sekai is an exciting game where you can collect and use crystals to battle enemies, upgrade your character and discover new areas. Crystals are used as a resource for crafting weapons, armor, and more. There are several ways to obtain them.

One of the most common methods of earning crystals is by completing quests. Different types of quests have different rewards, but often they will reward you with valuable items or crystals. You can also purchase crystals from merchants located around the map.

You can also find crystals scattered all over the map in various locations. If you explore the map carefully, you may be able to track down some of these precious stones and add them to your collection. Certain special power-ups or items will also grant you a one-time crystal reward when used.

You can also join up with friends and work together in special multi-player dungeons. Completing dungeons with a team will often grant extra rewards than solo efforts, including bigger piles of crystals! Finally, gathering materials found around the world will net you bonus rewards as well so stock up before leaving a location!

No matter which path you choose, exploring Project Sekai and finding crystals is rewarding in its own way! With dedication and skill, you can collect enough crystals to help achieve your goals!

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are the main currency used in the world of Project Sekai. They can be used to purchase items in the in-game shop, such as weapons and costumes, as well as to pay for services from NPCs. Crystals are also important for completing certain tasks or quests, as they may be required to access certain areas or content. Crystals can be earned through completing story and event quests, gathering resources from different areas, and collecting rewards from features and events such as login rewards or seasonal events.

Where Can You Find Crystals?

Crystals can be obtained by completing story quests, event quests, and gathering resources in different areas. Story quests reward players with crystals upon completion while event quests often require players to collect certain items in order to receive crystals as a reward. Gathering resources is another great way to obtain crystals; some areas are rich with resources that can be collected for a chance at obtaining crystals and other valuable items. Players can also purchase crystals from the in-game shop using virtual currency or take advantage of bundle offers available for a better deal on larger purchases. Finally, players can also collect rewards from features and events such as login rewards and seasonal events.

Earning Through Completing Quests

Story Quests are missions given by NPC characters which involve fighting monsters, exploring dungeons or delivering items. Players will typically receive a set amount of crystals upon completion of a Story Quest which increases with difficulty level. Event Quests involve collecting various items or reaching certain objectives during limited time events; these usually require more effort than Story Quests but come with larger rewards such as special costumes or rare items along with additional crystals depending on the quest’s difficulty level.

Purchasing From The In-Game Shop

The In-Game Shop allows players to purchase crystals using virtual currency; this is ideal for players who don’t have the time to complete story or event quests but still wish to get their hands on some extra crystals quickly. There are also bundle offers available for those looking for a better deal on larger purchases such as monthly packages or special offers tied to seasonal events.

Gathering From Different Areas

Exploring different areas is an important part of Project Sekai; some locations offer more lucrative rewards than others depending on what type of resources they hold. Areas filled with rich resources such as ore deposits are great places to look if you’re looking for large amounts of crystals while caves and hidden dungeons may contain special items that drop large amounts of crystals when obtained by players lucky enough to find them! Additionally, many areas will provide challenges which require teamwork among several players if they want to succeed in obtaining the best possible rewards including rare materials that can only be obtained through group efforts such as Boss battles!

Collect Rewards From Features And Events

There are many opportunities throughout Project Sekai where players can obtain bonuses and rewards simply by participating in various features or events. Login Rewards allow all users who log into the game on a weekly basis to claim extra bonuses including additional small amounts of crystals that add up over time! Additionally there are various seasonal events held throughout the year where participating players have a chance at obtaining rare loot such as costumes, weapons or new character parts along with bonus crystal drops from bosses defeated during these limited time events!

Crafting Through Synthesis Items

Project Sekai is an exciting role-playing game where players can collect Crystals to progress through the game. Crystals can be acquired in a variety of ways, but one of the most efficient methods is crafting through synthesis items. Refining resources is a great way to get crystals, as it requires you to use a variety of materials and resources to craft items. For example, you can refine ore and other materials to make weapons and armor, which will grant you a large number of crystals upon completion. In addition, you can synthesize materials to create event items, such as special weapons or armor that will reward you with large amounts of crystals when crafted.

Reaching High Ranks in Multiplayer Mode

Another great way to get crystals in Project Sekai is by reaching high ranks in the multiplayer mode. By ranking up in competitive mode, players can earn rewards that include crystals. Additionally, leveling up will unlock new modes and challenges that will also reward players with large amounts of crystals when completed successfully.

Participating in Cross Jubilees

Cross Jubilees are special events where players can compete against each other for rewards such as exclusive cosmetics and rare items. During these events, players can complete tasks and challenges that provide special instance drops which include a large quantity of crystals when completed successfully.

Completing Missions

The final method for obtaining crystals in Project Sekai is by completing missions throughout the game world. These missions have varying objectives ranging from defeating monsters to completing puzzles and they all reward players with various amounts of crystals upon completion.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I get crystals in Project Sekai?
A: You can get crystals in Project Sekai by completing daily missions and quests, participating in events, and exchanging coins for crystals. You can also buy crystals from the in-game store.

Q: What are some daily missions that award crystals?
A: Some daily missions that award crystals are clearing certain stages of the Tower of Fate, earning XP, and completing Story Mode.

Q: How do I exchange coins for crystals?
A: You can exchange coins for crystals by going to the Exchange Shop located on the main menu. Select the amount of coins you would like to exchange and then select Exchange to receive your crystals.

Q: Can I buy more than one type of crystal?
A: Yes, you can buy multiple types of crystal from the in-game store. There are several different bundles available that contain different combinations of crystal types.

Q: Are there any other ways to get free crystals?
A: Yes, you can also get free crystals through events or by linking your game to various social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook.

In conclusion, getting crystals in Project Sekai is a simple process that requires you to complete certain tasks or activities within the game. You can earn crystals by completing missions, participating in events, and exchanging items with other players. With diligence and persistence, you will eventually be able to collect enough crystals to progress in the game.

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