How To Get Diancie In Pokemon Sword?

To obtain Diancie in Pokemon Sword, you must enter a special password which can be acquired through participating in the game’s events or by trade.

How To Get Diancie In Pokemon Sword?

Getting the rare and precious mythical Pokemon, Diancie, in Pokemon Sword is an exciting adventure. The steps to do so will require some patience, planning, and perseverance. Firstly, the player must start a special Max Raid battle which is available only via internet connection. After defeating the raid boss, the player will get a chance to catch Diancie. However, it is hard to get lucky and find this mythical Pokemon as its a rare encounter. For even better chances of capture, Poke Balls such as the Timer Ball are recommended. Apart from these steps, players can gain access to special locations like the Giants Mirror or participating in online competitions on Battle Stadium to cause a Rhodonite Fissure that may have mild chances for obtaining Diancie. All these can be done with due challenge but good fortune could end up rewarding with this legendary Pokemon.

How To Get Diancie In Pokemon Sword?

Getting Diancie in Pokemon Sword is a task that requires some dedication and patience. It all begins with obtaining an Expansion Pass and reaching the Crown Tundra region. Once you have done this, there are various ways you can go about getting Diancie, each with its own benefits.

Evolving From A Carbink

The most straightforward way to get Diancie in Pokemon Sword is by evolving a Carbink. All you need to do is find a wild Carbink in the Crown Tundra region and then use an Evolution Stone on it to make it evolve into a Diancie. This method also has the added benefit of allowing you to customize your Diancies movesets and abilities to your liking when it evolves.

Dropping After A Den Battle

Another method of obtaining Diancie in Pokemon Sword is by participating in den battles at the Dynamax Adventure sites located throughout the Crown Tundra region. After completing these battles, there is a chance that one of the rewards will be an item called a Dianite which can be used to evolve any Carbink into a Diancie. As with evolving from a Carbink, this method also provides the opportunity for players to customize their new companions movesets and abilities before they begin their journey together.

Trading With Other Players

If neither of those methods appeal to you, then you can always try trading with other players using either local wireless or Nintendo Online communication options available on Switch consoles. If you manage to find someone willing to trade their Diancie for something else, then this could be an ideal way to get hold of one without having to go through the arduous process of catching one yourself or going through all the steps required for obtaining an Evolution Stone or a Dynamax Adventure reward item such as a Dianite.

Use Pokemon Home For Transferring

If all else fails, then players might consider transferring their existing Pokemon from another game using Pokemon Home as this could potentially include Diancies as well as other rare creatures like Legendary Birds or Mythical Beasts depending on what titles they have access too. While this method isnt necessarily ideal for obtaining brand new creatures, it could still provide some extra motivation if players find themselves running out of ideas when trying to acquire certain monsters in-game.

Benefits Of Obtaining Diancie In Pokemon Sword

Once you have acquired your very own Diancie in Pokemon Sword, there are many benefits that come with it such as being able to access its unique movesets and abilities which will prove invaluable during battles against other trainers in-game or even Gym Leaders during your travels throughout The Crown Tundra Region. Not only that but having your very own companion will also make exploring much easier as well as making up for any shortcomings that may arise from not having enough resources during difficult encounters which could end up saving your skin more than once over the course of your journey!

Requirements To Reach The Crown Tundra Region In Pokemon Sword

In order for players to reach The Crown Tundra Region where they will be able to obtain all these wonderful creatures like Carbinks and Legendary Birds/Mythical Beasts, they must first achieve Level 70 or higher in Adventure Rank as well as complete multiple story quests and objectives passing through Wild Area & Island Challenge Regions Evolutions Successes before they can access The Crown Tundra Region itself where they can finally start their search for rare creatures like Diancies!

Finding The Den Locations & Selecting The Diamond Rewards Online Challenges Offerings

When it comes to getting Diancie in Pokemon Sword, one of the easiest ways to do this is by finding the den locations and selecting the Diamond rewards online challenges offerings. You can find these den locations online by searching on various websites or using a map guide. Once you have the locations, you can then select the diamond rewards online challenges offerings that best suit your skills and requirements. These challenges may include finding hidden items, defeating powerful bosses, or completing specific objectives. All of these will give you rewards that can be used to obtain Diancie.

Interaction With NPCs For Getting Diancie Drops

Another way to get Diancie in Pokemon Sword is by interacting with NPCs for getting Diancie drops. There are certain NPCs that have the potential to drop a Diancie once interacted with them. This could be in the form of an item drop or a reward from a quest they offer you. To find out which NPCs have a chance of dropping Diancie, it is important to do some research online or consult a map guide. Once you have identified which NPCs have this potential, you can then interact with them in order to get your hands on this rare Pokemon species.

Searching Other Players Online Trades For Acquiring Diancie

If all else fails, you can also try searching other players’ online trades for acquiring Diancie in Pokemon Sword. This is possibly one of the most difficult methods as it requires you to search through various websites and sources for potential deals and trades that could give you access to this rare creature. It is important to note however that not all players offer their Pokemon up for trade so it may take some time before you find what you are looking for. Additionally, when participating in trades always make sure that both parties are aware of all terms and conditions before engaging in any trade agreement as failure to do so may result in serious repercussions later on down the line!

FAQs And Troubleshooting Tips To Get Diancie In Pokemon Sword

Finally, if none of the above options work out for obtaining your very own Diancie then there are some FAQs and troubleshooting tips available online which might help point you in the right direction regarding how to get this rare species of Pokemon. Common questions include what level is required before being able to obtain this creature or where exactly should one look for it? Additionally, troubleshooting tips such as making sure your game save has been backed up prior to attempting any trades or interactions with NPCs should be kept at all times as losing progress due to an unexpected bug or error can be devastating!

Acquiring Necessary Tools For Battling & Resources Uses

Finally, one last way of obtaining your very own Diancie is by acquiring necessary tools for battling and resources uses. This includes items such as TMs (technical machines) which allow trainers access special moves which their pokemon might not otherwise possess as well as resources such as potions which restore health points during battles and berries which can provide various buffs depending on its type used during combat situations. Gathering these resources either through purchases from shops or trading with other players will allow trainers access powerful weapons which can help them increase their chances when attempting battles against powerful opponents who might otherwise be impossible to defeat without such items!

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I get Diancie in Pokemon Sword?
A: You can obtain Diancie in Pokemon Sword by evolving a Carbink, dropping after a den battle, trading with other players, or using Pokemon Home for transferring.

Q: What are the requirements for obtaining Diancie?
A: To obtain Diancie, you must own an expansion pass and reach the Crown Tundra region. You must achieve level 70 or higher in Adventure Rank and complete multiple story quests and objectives passing through Wild Area and Island Challenge regions evolutions successes.

Q: What are the benefits of obtaining Diancie in Pokemon Sword?
A: Obtaining Diancie in Pokemon Sword will give you access to its movesets and abilities so that you can grow up as a powerful pokemon fighter in Crown Tundra Region battles.

Q: What are the requirements to reach the Crown Tundra Region in Pokemon Sword?
A: To reach the Crown Tundra Region, you must achieve level 70 or higher in Adventure Rank and complete multiple story quests and objectives passing through Wild Area and Island Challenge regions evolutions successes.

Q: What are den battles and why should I do them for obtaining Diancie?
A: Den battles are battles that you can find by searching for den locations online. They offer Diamond rewards when successfully won which is one way to obtain Diancie. Doing den battles also gives you access to useful tools for battling as well as resources which may be beneficial when trying to obtain Diancie.

Getting Diancie in Pokemon Sword requires an in-game event or a trade with another player. The event has not been announced yet, so the only way to obtain Diancie right now is by trading with another player. This is a great way to add the rare and powerful Pokemon to your collection, but be sure to be careful when trading.

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