How To Get Penguins Epic Seven?

To get Penguins in Epic Seven, players must collect them from login rewards, events, and drops from Story mode or Adventure stages.

How To Get Penguins Epic Seven?

Penguins are a rare and coveted creature in Epic Seven, the mobile-based RPG game. It’s no wonder why players want to know how to get themselves a penguin. While there is no one surefire way to get your hands on a penguin, there are various strategies that you can try in order to increase your chances of obtaining one. This overview will explain the possibilities for getting penguins in Epic Seven, from opening certain limited-time loot boxes to using the game’s special exchange shops. If you are dedicated and lucky, you may just be able to find yourself a Penguin!

Penguins Overview

Penguins are adorable characters that have been featured in many Epic Seven games. Not only do they look cute and make the game more enjoyable, they also provide a unique and interesting gameplay experience. Penguins can be acquired in various ways, depending on the event or game mode. They can be unlocked through event dungeons, creative play events, PvP rewards, special shop items, paid packs in special events, and currency exchanges. Lets take a closer look at each of these methods of acquiring penguins in Epic Seven.

Obtain Penguins Through Events

Players can obtain penguins through event dungeons challenges. During certain events, players can take on challenges that allow them to unlock different types of penguins. Depending on the event, there may be multiple levels of difficulty for the challenges or different types of rewards for completing them. Players should check the details of each event to find out which kinds of rewards are available for completing the challenges.

Creative play events are another way to acquire penguins in Epic Seven. During these events, players compete against each other by creating their own custom characters or by playing through pre-made stages with their existing characters. Winners will receive exclusive rewards that include penguins as well as other items or resources.

Unlock Penguins in PvP Reward

Players can also unlock different types of penguins through PvP rewards. Depending on their rank at the end of each season or tournament, players can claim various rewards including gold coins, resources and even penguins! The higher the rank players achieve during a season or tournament, the better the reward they will receive at the end so its important to strive for higher ranks if you want to acquire more powerful and rarer types of penguins.

Acquire the Penguins with Gold

Players can also acquire different types of penguins with gold coins obtained from regular gameplay or purchased from stores or special offers during certain events. Special shop items such as Penguin Eggs and Penguin Packs may also contain exclusive types of penguins that cannot be obtained elsewhere so its worth checking out these offers when available!

Paid packs in special events may also contain rare and exclusive types of penguins that cannot be obtained otherwise so its worth keeping an eye out for any such promotions during certain seasons or tournaments in Epic Seven!

Exchange Penguins with Currency

Players can also exchange their in-game currencies such as gems for various types of penguins as well as other rewards through an exchange store offered by Epic Seven itself. Certain resources such as spirit stones, gold coins and even relics can be exchanged for various kinds of penguins which makes this an attractive option for those looking to add more variety to their collection without spending real money on paid packs!

In conclusion, there are several ways to get Penguins in Epic Seven including participating in event dungeons challenges, creative play events and PvP rewards; acquiring them with gold coins; purchasing special shop items; buying paid packs during special offers; and exchanging currencies like gems at an exchange store offered by Epic Seven itself! No matter what method you choose to get your hands on some adorable little Penguin companions, make sure to take advantage all available options so you don’t miss out on any exclusive rewards!

Analyze Events from Official Site

To get Penguins in Epic Seven, it is important to analyze the events and offers available on the official website of Epic Seven. This will help you identify which offers could be used to get Penguins as rewards. It is also important to check for community engagements often as these can provide valuable information about upcoming or ongoing events. Additionally, it is important to stay updated about changes in the game that might affect the availability of Penguins or other rewards.

Utilize Third Party Sources for Information

In order to get Penguins in Epic Seven, it is also important to utilize third party sources for information. These sources can include official social profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as livestreams and YouTube channels that provide updates on new events and offers. Additionally, these sources can help you keep track of when certain events are being held so that you do not miss out on any opportunities to get Penguins.

Working for Penguin Codes

Another way to get Penguins in Epic Seven is by working for Penguin Codes. These codes are often distributed by various companies or syndicates that are authorized partners of Epic Seven. By finding these authorization partnerships and working with them, players can access codes that grant them rewards such as Penguins. It is important to note that these codes must be redeemed within a certain time frame or they will expire and become invalid.


Getting Penguins in Epic Seven requires players to be strategic and knowledgeable about the game’s events and offers. By analyzing the events from the official website, utilizing third party sources for information, and working for Penguin Codes from authorized partners, players can increase their chances of obtaining these rewards and advancing further in their game play experience.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How Do I Get Penguins in Epic Seven?
A: You can obtain Penguins through various events, ranking rewards, special shop items, and paid packs. You may also exchange them with currency or find third-party sources that offer Penguin codes.

Q: What is the Overview of Penguins in Epic Seven?
A: Penguins are one of the many companions you can collect in the game. They are powerful allies that offer stat boosts and special skills when equipped to a hero.

Q: How Can I Acquire Penguins Through Events?
A: You can acquire Penguins by completing event dungeon challenges or receiving rewards from Creative Play events. Additionally, some events offer special rewards such as Penguin codes or paid packs containing Penguins.

Q: Are There Any Ways To Exchange Currency for Penguins?
A: Yes, you can exchange store currency and ingame currencies such as gems for various types of Penguins via the Exchange Store.

Q: What is The Best Way to Analyze Events and Offers For Penguins?
A: To get the most out of events and offers related to Penguins, you should analyze them from the official site, check for community engagements often, and utilize third-party sources such as official social profiles or livestreams/YouTube channels for information.

In conclusion, getting Penguins in Epic Seven is quite straightforward. All you have to do is complete the weekly missions and participate in the special events. Additionally, you can obtain Penguins from the Shop using your hard-earned currency or through bundles. With a little effort, you will soon be able to get your hands on some of these adorable creatures.

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