How To Get Requisition Packs In Dying Light?

To request a requisition pack in Dying Light, use the game’s dedicated command prompt.

How To Get Requisition Packs In Dying Light?

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Requisition Packs in Dying Light, we’ve got your back! Requisition Packs are an in-game purchasable item that can give you access to unique weapons, outfits and special rewards. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the packs:

First, head over to the game’s store page. From there, find the Requisition Packs” section of the store and purchase whichever pack suits your needs. Be sure to have enough coins handy in order to complete the transaction!

After that’s done, you should receive your Requisition Pack shortly after completing your purchase. Opening it up should give you various items depending on what type of pack you bought – some might contain weapons whereas other packs might contain emotes or outfits. And don’t forget about those all-important special rewards!

So there you have it – that’s how to acquire Requisition Packs in Dying Light. Don’t forget, these will help you progress through the game and achieve more success as well as gaining access to some great items! Enjoy!

Finding Requisition Packs

Dying Light features Requisition Packs as an in-game currency that can be used to purchase weapons and armor. These packs can be found scattered around the game world, but they also have other uses. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find and use Requisition Packs in Dying Light.

First, you’ll need to locate the Requisition Packs. They are mostly found in locations that require you to unlock maps first. This can be done by completing side missions or main quests, or by defeating Infected enemies. When you come across a locked map, make sure to unlock it so that you can find the Requisition Packs inside.

Infected Enemies

Infected enemies are powerful opponents that drop valuable items when defeated. You can find them scattered throughout the game world and they will often drop Requisition Packs upon defeat. Be careful when engaging these enemies, as they can easily overpower you if you aren’t prepared. It’s best to use ranged weapons or explosives when taking them out, as they are highly resistant to melee attacks.

Loot Chests Rewards

Loot chests are scattered throughout the game world and contain valuable items such as weapons and armor. Some of these chests require lockpicks to open, while others may require a certain number of items to claim their rewards. Inside these chests is where you’ll find Requisition Packs, so make sure to keep an eye out for them when exploring the game world.

Weapons & Armor Trading Post

The Weapons & Armor Trading Post is a great place to get your hands on powerful weapons and armor for your character. You can trade with Rais’s soldiers for these items, or fulfill orders for weapons in exchange for Requisition Packs. This is a great way to get some extra packs while upgrading your gear at the same time, so make sure to keep an eye out for these trading opportunities!

Crate Puzzles & Safehouses

In Dying Light, Requisition Packs can be obtained from Crate Puzzles and Safehouses. Locating Safehouses is a great way to get Requisition Packs as they are usually well hidden and require some exploration to find them. The rewards for finding a Safehouse can range from weapons, ammo, and even Requisition Packs. Crate Puzzles are also a great source of Requisition Packs as they reward players with items upon completion. To complete a Crate Puzzle, players will need to search the area for clues that will lead them to the puzzle’s solution.

Supply Drops & Payloads

Requisition Packs can also be obtained through Supply Drops and Enemy Payloads. Players can call in Supply Drops with flares, which will drop items such as weapons and ammo. Some Supply Drops also have a chance of dropping rare items such as Requisition Packs. Enemy Payloads are another great way to obtain Requisition Packs as they always contain rare items such as weapons and armor pieces, but may also contain a Requisition Pack or two.

Side Activities & Challenges

Players can also get Requisition Packs by completing Side Activities and Challenges in Dying Light. Survivor Challenges involve completing certain objectives such as rescuing survivors or taking out enemies in an area within a certain time limit, and upon completion the player is rewarded with resources such as ammo or even occasionally a Requisition Pack. Tower Climb Challenges involve climbing up towers in certain areas to reach the top where the player is rewarded with resources such as ammunition, medkits, or sometimes even a Requisition Pack.

Hunter Quests & Golem Runs

Requisition Packs can also be obtained through Hunter Quests and Golem Runs in Dying Light. Hunter Quests involve searching both the East and West sides of Harran for clues that will lead players to the Hunter Golem which must then be defeated in order to gain access to rare loot including weapons, armor pieces, medkits, ammunition and sometimes even a Requisition Pack. Golem Runs involve searching an area for resources while avoiding detection by enemies or setting off traps in order to reach an end goal where the player is awarded with resources including sometimes a rare item like a Requisition Pack.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where can I find Requisition Packs in Dying Light?
A: Requisition packs can be found in several places in Dying Light. You can check specific locations for them, unlock maps, complete quests and side missions, take out infected enemies, claim rewards from loot chests opened with lockpicks, make trades with Rais’s soldiers at the weapons & armor trading post, locate safehouses and complete crate puzzles, call airdrops with flares and track enemy payloads, complete survivor challenges and tower climb challenges, search East and West sides for hunter quests and golem runs, and defeat the Hunter Golem.

Q: How do I unlock maps to find Requisition Packs?
A: Maps in Dying Light can be unlocked by completing main quests or side missions. As you progress through the story of Dying Light more maps will become available for you to explore. You can also buy maps from vendors located around Harran.

Q: How do I find infected enemies that drop Requisition Packs?
A: Infected enemies are spread out across the city of Harran. They typically wander around in the dark areas of Harran so these are usually the best places to look. You can also find them inside buildings or other enclosed spaces. Once you have taken out an enemy they will drop a requisition pack after they die.

Q: How do I open loot chests to get rewards?
A: Loot chests in Dying light can be opened using lockpicks which can be bought from vendors located around Harran. Once you have opened a chest you will be able to claim items such as weapons or armor as rewards.

Q: What are side activities & challenges that give me Requisition Packs?
A: There are several side activities & challenges that you can participate in to get requisition packs. Survivor Challenges are timed events where you must survive for a certain amount of time against waves of enemies while Tower Climb Challenges require you to climb up a tower within a set time limit while avoiding obstacles along the way. Completing these challenges will reward you with requisition packs as well as other items such as weapons and armor.

In conclusion, getting Requisition Packs in Dying Light is a challenging but rewarding experience for those who take the time to complete the necessary tasks. With the right strategies and dedication, you can easily obtain these packs and become more powerful in the game.

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