How To Make Alchemical Base Conan Exiles?

To create Alchemical Base in Conan Exiles, combine Clay, Sandstone and Salt to create Alchemical Base at the Tannery.

How To Make Alchemical Base Conan Exiles?

The art of creating an alchemical base in Conan Exiles is a complex process that requires knowledge and skill. It involves mixing ingredients, gathering resources and building up a protective structure. This guide will walk you through each step of the process to help you build a strong alchemical base that will bolster your defenses and improve your crafting opportunities.

For starters, you’ll need to gather several types of materials for the base. These include metal, hide, stone, clay, sandstone, wood and leather. Collect these materials until you have enough to cover the area in which you want to build the base.

Once all your resources are gathered, you can begin construction by adding tiers of walls around the area. When constructing walls, remember to use a mix of metal and stone so that they are strong enough to resist attack from enemies while still not being too heavy to move when necessary.

After adding your wall tiers, it’s time to create an alchemical lab where you can craft potions and other items inside your base. This will require particular items such as barrels, mortar & pestle and various herbs for brewing concoctions as well as several furniture pieces for storage purposes.

The final part of building an alchemical lab is setting up defense mechanisms such as spike traps or turrets. These will act as extra layers of protection by warning off intruders or even attacking them if needed. Setting up defensive structures will also help guard against any creatures roaming around who are looking for an easy meal!

Once completed with all these steps above, your alchemical base is ready and you can start crafting some powerful concoctions!

Gathering Resources

Collecting the necessary materials for synthesizing an alchemical base in Conan Exiles is the first step in the process. Resources can be found in various locations throughout the game world, from harvesting plants and gathering minerals to scavenging loot from defeated enemies. Players can also purchase resources from NPC vendors. Gathering resources is a time consuming task, but it’s necessary for crafting most items in Conan Exiles.

Preparing Materials for Synthesis

After gathering all of the necessary materials, players must sort out the resources and prep them for synthesis. This requires combining similar ingredients together, such as sulfur and charcoal, into a single stack of resources that can be used to create recipes in the furnace. Players should always make sure they have enough of each material before beginning synthesis.

Synthesizing the Alchemical Base In Conan Exiles

Once all of the ingredients have been prepped and sorted, players can begin crafting the alchemical base recipe in the furnace. This requires adding each ingredient correctly to create the desired effect of crafting an alchemical base. Synthesizing an alchemical base requires a great deal of patience, as it can take several attempts before successfully creating one.

Storing and Using the Alchemical Base in Conan Exiles

Players should always take care when storing and using their synthesized alchemical base in Conan Exiles. The created base should be kept away from sources of heat or flame, as it is highly flammable and could easily cause severe damage if not handled properly. It is also important to use only clean tools when handling an alchemical base, as any residue left on a tool could potentially ruin its effectiveness when used with other ingredients later on.

Uses of The Synthesized Alchemical Base In Conan Exiles

Once players have successfully synthesized their own alchemical base in Conan Exiles, they can use it for a variety of different uses within their game world. The synthesized alchemical base allows players to craft different recipes with better results than regular crafting recipes due to its enhanced effects when combined with other ingredients. Players can also combine different ingredients with their synthesized alchemical base to create unique items that are not available through regular crafting recipes alone.

Gather Resources

In order to create an alchemical base in Conan Exiles, you will need to gather several resources. You’ll need to find a variety of different ores and materials such as iron, copper, sulfur and charcoal. You’ll also need to locate rarer materials like sandstone, saltpeter and brimstone which can be located in various biomes. Once you have all the necessary resources you can begin crafting your alchemical base.

Construct Your Base

The next step is to construct your alchemical base. You’ll need to build a forge and a workbench to craft the items you’ll need for your base. The forge is used for smelting ores and creating metal objects such as swords and armor. The workbench is used for crafting other items such as furniture and tools. Once you have the necessary components built, you can start constructing the walls of your base. You’ll want to build walls around your base that are at least two meters high so that they are difficult to climb over or break through.

Create Alchemy Chamber

Once your walls are complete, it’s time to create an alchemy chamber inside of your base. This chamber should be large enough for all of the ingredients necessary for creating potions and other magical items. It’s also important that this chamber is well lit so that you can easily see what ingredients you’re working with. To craft potions or other magical items, you will need a cauldron which is placed inside of this chamber along with several other containers for holding ingredients such as herbs, oils and minerals.

Add Furniture

Now that your alchemy chamber is complete, it’s time to add some furniture into it in order to make it more comfortable while crafting potions or other magical items. This furniture should include chairs, tables and shelves that are made out of wood or metal depending on the type of materials available in your game world. It’s also important that these pieces of furniture are sturdy enough so that they don’t get damaged while using them for crafting purposes.

Create Magical Devices

The final step in creating an alchemical base in Conan Exiles is creating magical devices such as portals or teleporters which allow players to quickly travel from one area of the game world to another without having to walk long distances between points of interest. These portals are created using powerful spells which require special ingredients such as brimstone or sandstone along with specific enchantments in order for them to function correctly when activated by players who enter them from the outside world.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where can I find the materials needed to make alchemical base in Conan Exiles?
A: You can obtain the materials either by gathering resources from the environment or from NPC vendors.

Q: What is the process for preparing materials for synthesis?
A: The process involves sorting out the resources and prepping them for synthesis. This involves mixing ingredients together in a specific order and proportions.

Q: How do I craft an alchemical base in Conan Exiles?
A: You need to add the necessary ingredients correctly into a furnace and follow the recipe to craft an alchemical base.

Q: How should I store and use an alchemical base in Conan Exiles?
A: It is important to store it safely and take care of it properly so that it does not spoil or become unusable. It can then be used for crafting recipes with different results.

Q: What are some of the uses of an alchemical base in Conan Exiles?
A: An alchemical base can be used to create different recipes with better results when combined with other ingredients. It can also be used for crafting armor, weapons, tools, and more.

The process of making Alchemical Base in Conan Exiles requires a careful combination of several ingredients, including the correct types of stones, metals, and other materials. With the right tools and knowledge, you can craft Alchemical Base quickly and easily. As long as you follow the recipe correctly, you can make the perfect Alchemical Base for your crafting needs.

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