How To Play Ekko Jungle?

To play Ekko jungle, first select the champion and master the core mechanics of the game, then learn the playstyle of Ekko and build a basic item set for him.

How To Play Ekko Jungle?

Ekko is a powerful jungler in League of Legends who excels at high-mobility ganking and high-damage teamfighting. Learning how to play him optimally in the jungle can be challenging, but with practice and patience, success is achievable. As Ekko, your main goal is to use your mobility and damage to rotate around the map, finding kills and farming up jungle camps to boost your experience and gold advantages. Proper warding is essential for allowing yourself map vision for optimal rotations as you pick enemies apart with clever ganks. In teamfights, Ekko excels as an initiator with his high damage and crowd control abilities, looking to lock down key adversaries before blowing them away with an Epicenter or stacking your Parallel Convergence active ability for immense burst damage. Get familiar with Ekko’s unique playstyle now and dominate your enemies through constant ganking, steady farming, and timely teamfighting!

Introduction to Ekko Jungle

Ekko is a unique champion in League of Legends. He has an interesting kit that allows him to create interesting plays and be an effective jungler. In this guide, we will discuss the basics of playing Ekko jungle, from proper ganking and counter-ganking techniques to smart itemization. We’ll also look at effective warding placement and how to take control of the Dragon and Baron objectives.

Pros and Cons

Ekko is a versatile champion who can be played in multiple roles, but he is most effective as a jungler. His kit gives him good clear speed and great gank potential, as well as the ability to set up for team fights with his ultimate. His greatest strength is his ability to stay relevant throughout the game by making quick rotations around the map. However, Ekko’s biggest weakness is his lack of mobility outside of his ultimate, which can make it difficult for him to escape tricky situations.

Strategy for Beginners

For beginners, its important to start off by learning the basics of jungle pathing and efficient clearing. Ekkos passive allows him to regenerate mana while clearing camps which makes it easier for him to keep up with more experienced junglers in terms of clearing speed. Once you have a good understanding of how much damage he can output in each camp, you can start looking at ganking opportunities around the map. When ganking lanes with Ekko make sure you use your W (Parallel Convergence) first as it will help slow down your targets and increase your chances of getting a successful kill or assist.

Advanced Tactics

For more experienced players who are comfortable with their clear times, there are some advanced tactics that can help them gain an edge over their opponents. One such tactic is using your E (Phase Dive) offensively before initiating a fight by diving into their backline or isolating a target from their team mates. This technique requires precise timing as it leaves you vulnerable if you dont land your E correctly or if you dont have enough Health or Mana left afterwards for follow-up damage or crowd control effects from your other abilities or items.

Another advanced tactic involves using your ultimate (Chronobreak) defensively when an enemy engages on you or engages on one of your allies nearby; this will allow you time to react accordingly based on the situation at hand by either disengaging or engaging depending on what will yield better results for your team.

Lastly, its important to look at ways that you can increase your presence around the map by taking objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor when they spawn; these objectives provide powerful buffs that will help swing games in your favor if taken correctly and efficiently.

Itemization for Ekko Jungle

When building items on Ekko Jungle there are two main categories: core items and situational items. Core items are items that should be built on every game no matter what while situational items are more flexible depending on the situation at hand during each game; this includes both offensive and defensive options such as armor penetration versus armor health respectively.

Core Items include: Stalker’s Blade – Cinderhulk/Skirmisher’s Sabre – Warrior/Stalker’s Blade – Runic Echoes/Riftmaker/Titanic Hydra/Deadman’s Plate.

Situational Items include: Guardian Angel/Thornmail/Randuin’s Omen/Frozen Heart/Mercurial Scimitar/Maw of Malmortius/Edge of Night.

Its important to remember that itemization should always be tailored towards whatever role you are playing during each game; if youre playing tanky then build tanky items while if youre playing more damage-oriented then build damage-oriented items instead.

Ganking and Counter Ganking

When ganking with Ekko jungle its important to remember that his passive (Z-Drive Resonance) gives him bonus movement speed when near enemy champions so make sure use this extra movement speed when engaging onto them by running past them slightly before turning back around after they have committed themselves into fighting.

In addition, his W (Parallel Convergence) provides great crowd control which allows him to easily set up kills whereas his E (Phase Dive) gives him great mobility when engaging onto enemies letting him dive straight into their backline before hopping out again after dealing some damage.

Counter ganking involves predicting enemy movements around the map so make sure you ward key areas like enemy buffs or choke points between lanes so that if an enemy attempts a gank then they can be spotted out easily allowing your team mates time prepare accordingly before they arrive.

Its also important to remember that counter ganks usually involve taking risks so make sure there is enough vision around wherever you intend on counter ganking so that if things go south then at least one person won’t get caught out due lack of vision coverage nearby. < br />

Effective Wards Placement with Ekko

Dragon and Baron Control: Keeping track of dragon timers is essential when playing any role in League Of Legends; make sure there is sufficient vision coverage over dragon pit so that if one were spawned then it would be spotted immediately allowing teams time prepare accordingly before attempting any engages onto it. < br />

Vision Wards And Traps: Vision wards provide great area denial against enemy junglers while traps provide great zone control which helps teams zone out opponents whenever they intend engage onto them whereas vision wards help detect invisible enemies like Evelynn allowing teams time react accordingly before she gets close enough cause any real damage. < br />

How to Play Ekko Jungle?

Invading and Invade Defense

Ekko is a champion that excels in invading the enemy jungle and setting up successful ganks. Knowing when to invade and when to defend your own jungle is key to playing Ekko jungle successfully.

Timers to Track Enemy Jungler: Keeping track of where the enemy jungler is on the map can be key to setting up successful invades. By keeping track of timers, you can anticipate where the enemy jungler is likely to be at any given moment in time, which can help you decide when its safe or not safe to invade.

Tips For Excelsior Invades: When invading with Ekko, its important to remember that his kit gives him plenty of mobility and crowd control, allowing him to quickly set up successful ganks. When he invades, he should look for opportunities to get deep into the enemy jungle before the enemy jungler can react. He should also look for opportunities to take objectives such as Dragons or Rift Herald, as these will give his team a huge advantage in terms of gold and map pressure.

Defending Against Invades From Enemy Jungler: When defending against an invade from the enemy jungler, Ekko should stay close enough to his own jungle so that he can quickly react if necessary. He should also keep an eye on timers so that he knows when the enemy jungler could potentially be coming for an invade. Additionally, he should look for opportunities to counter-invade if possible, as this will put him in a better position than if he just defends passively.

Understanding Posture of Enemy Team with Ekko

Ekkos kit gives him plenty of tools that are useful for understanding the posture of the enemy team on a macro level. By making use of these tools, Ekko players can have a better understanding of how their opponents are likely positioning themselves on the map.

Camp Control: One way that Ekko players can gain an understanding of their opponents posture is by controlling camps in their own jungle as well as in their opponents jungle. By controlling camps in both jungles, they will gain vision which will allow them to see where their opponents are likely moving around on the map at any given moment in time. This vision will allow them to make better decisions about when they need to move around themselves or when they need to set up ganks or counter-ganks against their opponents.

Objective Control: Another way that Ekko players can gain an understanding of their opponents posture is by taking control of objectives on both sides of the map such as Dragons or Baron Nashor. Taking control of objectives like these will give Ekko players a huge advantage over their opponents because it will give them much more information about where their opponents are likely moving around on the map at any given moment in time, allowing them make better decisions about when they need move around themselves or set up ganks or counter-ganks against their opponents.

Teamfighting Tactics for Ekko Jungle

Teamfighting with Ekko Jungle requires patience and proper timing as it allows him access powerful crowd control effects during teamfights while still having access his mobility tools which allows him stay safe during fights while still dealing damage and disrupting enemies plans through proper positioning and objectives control . Building up a Lead before Team Fights : It’s important for an Ekko player build up a lead before engaging into teamfights because it allows him get early advantage over enemies which gives his team more chance win teamfights.. Tips To Initiate Or Disengage During Fights : During fights , it’s important for an ekko player initiate fights properly without taking too much unnecessary risks . He should also be able use his mobility tools disengage from fights quickly if needed . Additionally , it’s important for ekko player control objectives like dragons , baron nashor , towers etc during fights . This allows his team maintain pressure over enemies even after fight ends .

Evaluating Map Pressure with Ekko Jungle

Taking Timely Objectives : Taking timely objectives like dragons , baron nashor etc helps ekko player create pressure over enemies across entire map . This allows eklo player take advantage over enemies quickly by taking more objectives than enemies . Rotations To Create Pressure In Lane : Creating pressure in lane requires proper rotations from eklo player . Rotations allow eklo player create pressure without risking too much since rotations don’t require long commitment unlike ganking lane directly which often leads deaths if done wrong .. By properly using rotations , eklo player able create pressure without risking too much while still maintaining good presence across entire map

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Ekko Jungle?
A: Ekko Jungle is a playstyle in League of Legends that focuses on playing the champion Ekko in the Jungle role. He is a highly mobile and burst-oriented champion with strong crowd control, making him a powerful asset for the team.

Q: What are some strategies for playing Ekko Jungle?
A: There are a variety of strategies for playing Ekko Jungle, as he is a versatile champion. Smart Jungling with Ekko involves learning how to maximize his mobility and crowd control to farm quickly and control objectives. Advanced Tactics involve using his ultimate ability to create powerful surprise attacks.

Q: What items should I buy for jungle Ekko?
A: Core items for jungle Ekko include tanky items such as Sunfire Cape, Dead Man’s Plate, or Thornmail to provide enough durability to survive fights in the jungle. Situational items should also be chosen based on the enemy team composition and what will be most effective against them, such as Spirit Visage or Randuin’s Omen.

Q: How can I effectively ward and invade with jungle Ekko?
A: When warding with jungle Ekko, it’s important to place Vision Wards and Traps around key objectives such as Dragon or Baron Pit to gain map control. Invading with him involves understanding enemy team posture and taking advantage of their mistakes – this may involve setting up timed objectives or taking camps when they’re not expecting it.

Q: What are some teamfighting tactics for jungle Ekko?
A: Building up a lead before teamfights is important when playing jungle Ekko, as it will give your team an edge when engaging in fights. Tips to initiate or disengage during fights include utilizing his ultimate ability at the right moment, or using his crowd control abilities to turn the tide of battle.

Playing Ekko Jungle requires skill, knowledge, and practice. You must have strong jungle mechanics, map awareness, and an understanding of the meta to succeed. With the right combination of these skills, you can be an effective Ekko Jungle player. The key is to understand how and when to use Ekko’s abilities to clear camps and gank lanes effectively. If you take the time to learn and practice, you will be able to make the most out of your jungle runs and help your team reach victory.

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