How To Use Genji Ult?

To use Genji’s ultimate, press “Q” to activate Dragonblade, allowing Genji to rapidly slash all enemies within range for 8 seconds.

How To Use Genji Ult?

Using Genji’s Ultimate Ability is easy and exciting! As the master of mobility, Genji is capable of dealing substantial damage with his sword and effects from his Ultimate – Dragonblade. To use it, press Shift+E to initiate the ability. This will cause him to draw his signature blade and begins slashing in a designated direction for a few seconds. Any enemy caught within the blades range will take damage and be slowed depending on the strength of the ultimate. Genji can also rapidly dash forward while using Dragonblade, allowing him to close into mid-air enemies or escape danger quickly. Make sure to time your ultimate wisely to maximize its efficiency!

How To Use Genji Ult?

Genji’s Ultimate move is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to turn the tide of battle in Overwatch. While mastering it can take some time, with practice and dedication, you can become an expert at using it. In this guide, we’ll teach you the techniques to master the ultimate, as well as effective uses of Genji’s Ultimate and positioning for best ult advantage.

Throwing The Ultimate

The first step to using Genji’s ultimate is learning how to throw it. Aiming the ult can be tricky, but with practice you can get more accurate with your throws. It helps to practice throwing on a target dummy or in custom games where you can experiment without fear of dying. Once you get used to aiming your throw, perfecting the range becomes crucial for maximizing your damage output. This requires getting a feel for where your Ultimate needs to land in order for it to do maximum damage, so take some time to practice this as well.

Effective Uses of Genji’s Ultimate

Learning when and where to use Genji’s Ultimate is just as important as learning how to throw it. There are both offensive and defensive strategies that you can use when throwing the ultimate. On offense, using it at close-range against multiple opponents can quickly take out an enemy team that’s grouped up together, while using it at long-range against a single enemy hero is great for dealing high amounts of damage quickly before they have time to react. On defense, using it at close-range against multiple enemies while they’re pushing a point or payload creates an opportunity for your team to break up their formation and gain some breathing room.

Positioning For Best Ult Advantage

Positioning plays an important role in maximizing the effectiveness of Genji’s Ultimate move. While waiting for the right moment might seem like a waste of time at first, having patience will pay off in the long run by allowing you to pick out better angles and get higher damage output when throwing your ult. Look for good angles that allow you access into areas where enemies are grouped closely together or exposed from far away distances; these are usually ideal spots from which to throw your ultimate from.

Mastering Genjis Combos

Genji has many different combos and strategies that he can use in tandem with his ultimate move in order maximize his damage output and gain an advantage over his opponents. Some of these combos include swift strikes followed by a long-jump slash (which is great for taking out multiple opponents quickly) and double jump followed by deflect (which allows him access into areas he normally wouldn’t be able to reach). Mastering these combos takes time but once you do so you’ll find that they greatly increase both your survivability and effectiveness during battle situations.

Timing Genjis Deflect Skill

Developing the right timing to successfully use Genjis deflect skill is essential to mastering his ultimate ability. Knowing when to re-position after a successful block of an enemy attack and when to use the deflect skill are both key components to success. Since it takes a bit of time before Genji can use the deflect skill again, learning the right timing for its use is important, as it can be the difference between successfully countering an enemy attack or taking unnecessary damage.

Different Types of Dragonblades

When using Genjis Ultimate, it is important to consider which type of dragonblade he will be wielding. The Wind Blade and Fireblade each have their own strategies and advantages. Knowing when to use either one strategically can help maximize damage output and catch enemies off guard. For example, using the Wind Blade in close quarters can surprise enemies with its speed and allow Genji to quickly move away from danger. On the other hand, using Fireblade in long-range combos can give enemies no time to react before taking heavy damage.

Advantages of Genjis Ultimate

Genjis ultimate ability is a powerful tool that should be used strategically and at the right time. One advantage of this ability is its high damage output that can quickly take down multiple enemies if used correctly. It also allows Genji to catch opponents off balance by quickly shifting his position before they have a chance to react or counterattack.

Disadvantages Of His Ultimate

Although Genjis ultimate ability has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks that must be taken into consideration when using it. One disadvantage is its limited range; since it only lasts for a short period of time, it cannot reach far away targets unless used accurately at close range. Additionally, since this ability has a cooldown timer before it can be used again, it cannot be spammed for continual damage output throughout a match.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What techniques should I use to master Genji’s Ultimate?
A: There are several techniques that you can use to master Genji’s Ultimate. These include throwing the ultimate, aiming the ult, perfecting the range, using offensive and defensive strategies, positioning for best ult advantage, mastering Genji’s combos, timing Genji’s deflect skill and learning different types of Dragonblades.

Q: How do I throw Genji’s Ultimate?
A: To throw Genji’s Ultimate you need to aim it at your target and perfect the range so that it hits them. You can also adjust the angle of your shot to increase its accuracy.

Q: What are some effective uses of Genji’s Ultimate?
A: Some effective uses of Genji’s Ultimate include offensive strategies such as catching enemies off balance and high damage output, as well as defensive strategies such as waiting for the right moment and looking for good angles.

Q: How do I master Genjis combos?
A: To master Genjis combos you need to practice swift strikes and long-jump slash, as well as double jump and deflect combos. You also need to learn the right timing for his deflect skill so that you can re-position after blocking enemy attacks.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Genji’s Ultimate?
A: The advantages of using Genji’s ultimate include high damage output and catch enemies off balance. The disadvantages include a limited range and cooldown time.

In conclusion, Genji’s ultimate ability is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. It gives him a great deal of mobility and damage potential, allowing him to quickly take out opponents in a short amount of time. With proper timing and positioning, it can be used to great effect and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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