The poetry that originally connected hip hop seems to ebb and flow between generations. Right when we think it’s dead, a new voice will awaken our bones and make us praise the day. Recently, rap music has attracted crowds of zombies, creating trends and mumbles that are often unidentifiable to say the least. But we cling onto the music of Mos Def, Fugees, Andre 3000, Vince Staples, Chance, and the like to revive us into joyous gospel.

That poetry; that original voice of hip hop, has sprung through the dirt once more with the seemingly lovechild of Erykah Badu and Mos Def through Venom. Venom is a Chicago-based artist with roots in the deep south of Mississippi, spending her college career at Jackson State University. She was the president of the poetry troupe, OutSpoken, and continued her love for words on her own after matriculating.

Venom’s new EP, Seeds…, is an opening ceremony to a full-length experience into wordplay, storytelling, and the art of being black in Chicago. The new artist touches on blackness, education, awareness, and consciousness that will wake the sheeple from their comfy slumber. Check out the project below and look out for the full-feature album to come. Stay tuned with Venom on soundcloud and online.

Author Profile

Kiesh is a BedStuy based artist that started the CREATV arm of URBN FRESH. She is a creative director at HEADS Music and lead designer of experiential brand, NO MAYO. Kiesh is an agitator with passionate values in the ability for everyone to create. Her greatest inspirations cross Basquiat, Badu, Bukowski, and Chaucer Barnes.

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